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Our Story

When Robin’s father passed away he did not have his finances in order. He was retired for two years before he passed and his whole life’s savings went back to the insurance company. This left her mother devastated.

From that moment on, Robin vowed to not let this happen to anyone else in her family. She decided to learn more about how money really works and in the process decided to lend her knowledge and services to those in her community.

Mom & Dad | Cash Family

Helping others is my true passion in life. I will always be there when my clients need me, even through the toughest of times. I take pride in what I do because I am trustworthy, loyal and giving. These three things help me change the lives of those I work with.

Our Team

As a family-run retirement planning firm, we cherish the bonds of trust and dedication that come with working together. We’re excited to introduce you to our team – experienced professionals who are passionate about helping your family secure a happy, prosperous retirement.

Robin Cash

Robin Cash

Founder • IAR

Amy Bellamy

Amy Bellamy

Office Manager • Insurance Agent

Michele Thompson

Michele Thompson

Insurance Agent • Compliance • Marketing

Our Community

At Cash Financial LLC, we are committed to supporting our Fishersville community through initiatives like sponsoring local entrepreneurs at the Staunton Innovation Hub, backing school sports, and promoting youth bowling. Additionally, we’ve been assembling Thanksgiving meals for those in need since 2008

Our Partnerships

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